Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 28: Nando's @ Sydney

I don't like chicken
Among all meats
(Duck, Pork, Seafood, Lamb, Beef, Bird and etc)
I like chicken the least

In UK I ate Nando's chicken weekly
And Nando's always the 3rd or 4th choice when I think of dinner
when I'm in Australia
(sorry cause I like japanese food and subway so much)

No other reason
Their chicken is better than normal chicken for me

And I like their spicy chili sauce
western people mostly don't take chili sauce

Quarter chicken (AUD $6.30)
Side is AUD $3.95

I don't normally order their chicken
cause deep in my heart
I don't like to have chicken meat only for whole meal

I like something with bread
That's the reason I am fat cause I eat a lot of bread

Pequeno Mini Pita (AUD $4.50)
Mini chicken breast, lettuce, mayo

Pequeno Mini Burger (AUD $4.95)
Mini chicken breast, lettuce, chutney mayo in a mini Portuguese roll

Just nice for me

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