Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 27: NYE Firework @ Sydney

Sydney is well known with its awesome firework at new year eve
since I'm here at this time
then we have to follow what sydney people do
queue up very early for the late night firework

After a very little survey on where to go
We have decided to go to Mrs Macquaries Point that can accomodate 20,000 people
The gate is opened at 10am
We reached at 11am

Look at the massive queue
My jaw dropped when I see so many people queueing under the hot sun
What's wrong with these people
(including me!)

After 3.5 hours of queue 
we finally make it through the security check
(no water, no alcohol, no glass allowed)

Due to we didn't manage to get a good spot to see the firework
so there's no video from my camera
but the firework is still super awesome to see in live rather than in tv
even though you can't have the full view of the whole city
but you will have the feeling
this is the way that you should welcome 2012

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