Saturday, February 8, 2014

Indianapolis Graffiti Run 2013 (with Lomo)

I guess pictures tell story better than I do
My Graffiti Run @ Indianapolis last summer

The crowd preparing for the run
Only white shirt allowed because it's Graffiti Run
We're going to get drenched in colorsssss

The clean us
with pink toilet booth at the back
Why are the toilet booths in pink?

The 5km run 
Or for me, 4km walk with 1km run
I'm lame > <

The selfie with Desmond
He actually want to run but he's stuck with me cause I don't
Pretty sure he is regret to agree to pair with me in the run

What do you do when you reached the check points?
Run through the wonderful color powder and enjoyyyyyy

The concert
The DJs and music
The crowd
The jump and shout

The selfie again
A higher angle would be better
but no preview for Lomography
So next time maybe

Bonus: Some non-lomo pictures
The big green field for some booth

Almost to the end

The gang

My favorite Michael

The running group


  1. 前面几长cam的图片好可爱哦!!!

  2. 好特别的Check Point。