Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 25: Behind the Scene For Skydiving

Skydiving is something that you can't feel if you don't do it yourself

I tried to describe with words 
but it's just too difficult

This is Me
Ready for the skydiving

Suiting Up
I think I kinda look good in Red and Yellow

Kirill and Chi Hoe
My Bravo Colleague
Thanks to CJ for being the awesome Photographer
He is behind the camera

"Only Skydivers and Staff"
I never thought to be a skydiver before
but I just did it

Me and my tandem
Walking towards the plane

3 mins
1 min
Open and Jump
Shit, I'm the next one

He said
"ok ok, here we gooooooo........ You can scream"
And he just LET GO and jump

And so,
he goes "wohhooo"
and I'm like

After a while
you will have those mixed complicated feeling like
"I'm alive X I'm falling X I might die X I should Enjoy"

And the feeling of "Just enjoy" just grow along with the time

It's really awesome

I never felt this way before
Not when I played Roller Coaster
Not when I was hit by the Bus and fly to the side of the road
(Yea, I always had accident last time)
Nothing like this before

One thing i would want to complain
is the skin of my face
Maybe I just got old
and the wind is flipping my face...

But I still do those ghost faces

Drop into the cloud area
Trying to eat the cloud
But what i felt is just the cold wind
Cloud should taste like Marshmallow, no?

Parachute is on
Time to relax
No more free fall

My Tandem is camwhoring 
without inviting me
*sad + emo*

Going to Land

Face covered 

Watch My Full Skydiving Video Here


  1. OMG SO chi gek! All those photos while you were skydiving are all taken by your tandem? So cooooool :D I wanna taste those clouds too :3

  2. The photos are extracted from the video as .tif file, then I just convert them into .jpg.
    The feeling is awesome, must list this as a must do!

  3. This is fun. I hope I would have a chance to try this out